High-speed Amphibious Combatant Craft (HACC)Edit

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The High-speed Amphibious Combatant Craft is a class of two vessels specialised for high-speed action on land and water. The HACC-Light is a two man vehicle similar to a large jet-ski type craft, and the HACC-Small is a four wheel armoured amphibious vehicle for a variety of reconaissance and surveillance roles.


The Gibbs Technologies retracting wheel design for high speed efficiency in the water

High-speed Amphibious Combtant Craft - Light (HACC-L)Edit

The HACC-L is essentially a cross between a Jet-Ski and a mini all terrain vehicle. Capable of 35 knots on the water and 80km/h on the land, this two man vehicle is suitable for a number of roles. The veehicle features the Gibbs Technologies retractable wheel system that allows for the high speed hull to operate effectively without drag in the water.

High-speed Amphibious Combatant Craft - Small (HACC-S)Edit

The HACC-S is an armoured and mine protected variant using the same hull design and Gibbs Technologies retractable wheels. Capable of 40knots on the water and 100km/h on the road or 80km/h off road this powerful craft has a Mk, xx remote weapons system on the roof usually with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun but can also carry 40mm AGL or similar weapons. The HACC also has an extendable mast with a surveillance system on the top which can be operated underway at sea or on land. The system consists of day/night video sytems, laser rangers and designators, a small MMW radar and audio sytems.


The HACC class are currently operated by various units of the RAN MArine Corps. The light 2-man version for example is operated by sniper teams in various units and the larger HACC-S


HACC-S in action