Australian Light Horse BrigadeEdit

The Australian Light Horse Brigade is the administrative command brigade for the line Light Horse Squadrons. The Light Horse Squadrons provide armoured protected mobility and lift for Brigade Combat Teams. Each of the Army's Brigade COmbat Teams has an adminstratively assigned battalion sized Light Hotrse Squadron that provides enough protected mobility for the Brigades infantry battalions.

Each Light Horse squadron is made up of 3 Armoured Mobility Troops and an Operational Support Troop. Each of the mobility troops contains xx Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV). The operational support troop contains logistic support for the mobility troops.

I Corps

6th Division
7th Brigade Combat Team
  • 2nd Light Horse (Qld Mounted Infantry)
11th Brigade Combat Team
  • 14th Light Horse (Qld Mounted Infantry)
12th Brigade Combat Team
  • 5th Light Horse (Qld Mounted Infantry)

II Corps

2nd Divison
3rd Brigade Combat Team
  • 6th Light Horse (NQ Mounted Infantry)
14th Brigade Combat Team
  • 7th Light Horse (NQ Mounted Infantry)
15th Brigade Combat Team
  • 11th Light Horse (NQ Mounted Infantry)
3rd Division
5th Brigade Combat Team
  • 4th/19th Light Horse (Prince of Wales)
8th Brigade Combat Team
  • 12th/16th Light Horse (Hunter River Lancers)
19th Brigade Combat Team
  • 1st/15th Light Horse (NSW Lancers)
7th Division
4th Brigade Combat Team
  • 8th/13th Light Horse (Victorian Mounted Rifles)
9th Brigade Combat Team
  • 3rd/9th Light Horse (Sth Australian Mounted Rifles)
    • 22nd Troop (Tasmanian Mounted Rifles)
13th Brigade Combat Team
  • 10th Light Horse (West Australian Mounted Infantry)

17th Light Horse (Commando) is a special operations armoured unit supporting Special Operations Command

21st Light Horse (Ceremonial) is a ceremonial horse mounted unit attached to the Regiment of the Federation Guard