The Australian Defence Organisation is an Australian Government organisation which consists of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and the civilian personnel supporting the ADF. The Chief of the Defence Force and the Secretary of the Department of Defence jointly manage the Defence organisation under a 'diarchy', a commonly used term to describe the relationship between the Chief of the Defence Force and Secretary, who both report directly to the Minister for Defence. The diarchy is a governance structure unique in the Australian Commonwealth public service.

The main elements of the Australian Defence Organisation are:

  • 25pxAustralian Defence Force
  • Department of Defence
    • Capability Development Group
    • Chief Finance Officer Group
    • Chief Information Officer Group
    • Defence Support Group
    • Joint Operations Command
    • People Strategies and Policy
    • Strategy, Coordination and Governance
    • Defence Intelligence Group
      • Defence Intelligence Organisation
      • Defence Signals Directorate
      • Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation
    • Defence Science and Technology Organisation
    • Defence Materiel Organisation